Hey Will,

I just wanted to thank you for my recent opportunity to hunt at the, soon to be famous, Big Rig Lodge. The accommodations are top notch; the meals were some of the best I’ve ever had and the fellowship was more than I could stand. But…… I’m sure folks would really like to hear about the good stuff; you know; THE HUNT! Not much I can really say about “MY” HUNT, because it was over quicker than the time it’s taking me to write this review! Let me explain……..

Details: November 23rd, 2014, 1:30 pm, 55 degrees, overcast drizzly day. Took short ride, just 250 yards from lodge, parked, grabbed gun, walked 150 yards toward food plot, eased up on plot, buck following doe, raised gun, found buck in scope, flipped safety, fired 1 shot, 174 inch, 17 point, down in 4 minutes 37 seconds after parking. QUICK!!!

I can honestly say in my 40 years of hunting; I have never seen a buck this large in person and the hunt has never happened this fast!

I even had time to get back to the lodge, have a snack and go back out to another location to do some scouting for a buddy of mine that was coming in that evening. I saw 4 other shooter bucks and a couple of does. With this many bucks on the property; I can surely see how my hunt happened so fast! My buddy is going to be in for a real treat when he gets here!

The next morning, still scouting, I grunted up a 200+ inch buck to within 10 yards of my stand and my buddy saw several other shooter bucks, but after talking with me the night before, he decided he would wait and see what else was available and not pull the trigger on the first buck he saw……….like I did!

That afternoon we went back to the same location where I had sat that morning and had multiple deer in the plot when we arrived; one of them was a different 200+ buck than the one I had seen that morning! Amazing! (With this many world class bucks; it’s no wonder I harvested mine so fast!). Patience paid off for my buddy, because he ended up the afternoon harvesting a 20 inch, 220 lb, 13 point that scored 165+! Got it all on film to boot! Good times!

Thanks again Will! I hope to make it back real soon!

— Darron Howell

My daughter Neely who is 8 years old and I went to BRL to do a little hunting over the holidays. She had been hunting before but had never seen very many deer much less ever actually watched any bucks in the fields. We were just hoping to see some bucks and hopefully be able to get a shot on a doe. It would be her first deer that she had taken a shot at. She was hunting with a short stock 243 caliber rifle. We got to the shooting house around 2:30. The deer started really moving around 4:30 and boy did they move! By a little after 5pm there was at least 15 doe in the field along with one huge 12pt buck that wasn’t in shooting range. It was really cool for her to actually watch the deer and their movements. Then to our left it came walking out. It continued to walk straight in front of us about 75 yards away. She was so nervous!! It was a very large 10pt!! She was about to take a shot at a deer that was bigger than anything I had ever seen in real life. So she scoped up several times since the deer kept moving but then it happened…BOOM..she dropped it in its tracks like a sack of potatoes!! Perfect shot. The experience was way more than we were hoping for. I can’t wait to take my other daughter down there next year.

— Todd Davis